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Honkomatsu stone

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HonKomatsu Stone

A premium stone rich with Japanese cultural traditions

"A community collaborating as one"

  Our goal is to reinvigorate Manazuru's stone crafting industry. We collaborate as one with the local community of stone artisan's, promoting our towns heritage, and skilled traditions. We want our customers to enjoy life while using our premium, durable, handcrafted products throughout Japan and overseas

  All our products are made from Honkomatsu stone, a type of premium andesite stone that comes from Mount Komatsu, found only in Manazuru, Japan. Our stone is a rare and luxurious signature stone, and has been used throughout Japan since the 1600's and by the Imperial Palace to build a Edo castle.

  We are committed to a sustainable business using SDG Goals. All our products are environmentally friendly, reusable, and long lasting.

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Hiroyuki Umino and Tomohiro Takebayashi

"We like this stone. I think one can fascinated by the depth of this HonKomatsu stone.
The history used for the construction of castles such as Edo Castle and the proof that it is a first-class item symbolized by the fact that it was loved by the Emperor and the shogunate still proves that this HonKomatsu stone is the highest quality item. 
The profound beauty of this HonKomatsu stone, whose color changes over time, has the appeal of blending into nature and assimilating with nature. It is a product that we want you to use carefully, while it can be passed from generation to generation. We masons also protect the famous stone "Honkomatsu stone" while inheriting the technique. We are proud of our quality and technology as the times change."


“Individually crafted from HonKomatsu stone. Using precision and innovation to bring you the highest of quality products"

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