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Honkomatsu Stone - Kenkafuda (Neckless Charm)
  • Honkomatsu Stone - Kenkafuda (Neckless Charm)

    Created by Ishikatsu Kazuaki


    Pronouced “KeN Ka Fuda”


    Kenkafuda is generally carved into wood or metal and were worn around the necks of firefighters during the Edo period (1603-1868) and were called “fire tags”. In addition, it was used as a gift and a wish among the common people as a lucky charm that was worn with a wish written on the letter. It is also known that the people carrying mikoshi at festivals wear it around their necks. Kenkafuda made by Honkomatsu Stone is highly durable and it is the highest quality stone in Japan that is chosen by the Japanese Imperial family. It is a great gift.


    Each letter represents a wish.

    Family (Ka zo ku)家族

    Samurai 侍

    Love(A i) 愛

    You can order and engrave your special words into the Kenkahuda such as your name in Japanese Kanji or your zodiac in Bonji which is an ancient Indian language that was introduced to Japan to write Buddhist scriptures long time ago or Kamon which is a family crest.




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