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Honkomatsu Stone Square Spice Bowl
  • Honkomatsu Stone Square Spice Bowl

    Created by Takebayashi Tomohiro

    With the rise of automation, stone tools and masons are fading away. Manazuru, birthplace of Honkomatsu stone is one of those being affected. Honkomatsu stone is a stone excavated only the Town of Manazuru in the world. It is very rare and Japan’s signature Honkomatsu stone is chosen and used by the Imperial Palace since the 1600’s to build a castle and it has been chosen as a tomb for Imperial family for many years.

    Our kitchenware and homeware are made of premium Honkomatsu stone.

    A beautiful, durable, heat resistant that changes color over time. You can enjoy your cooking time and the process. This is the perfect cooking utensil for those who prefer natural foods. You can also enjoy displaying it as a work of art.

    A rare square stable design is handcrafted by first-class masons. The surface is left unpolished and leaving a natural look. You can place seasonings in the four corners and serve as is.

    • Measurements

      From Outside - 13cm x 11cm

      From Inside - 10cm x 8cm

      Weight - 3.6 kg

      Large Pestle

      Length - 20cm

      Diameter - 5cm

      Weight - 1 kg

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