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小松山 真鶴町 日本

Our Story

The History
HonKomatsu Stone

HonKomatsu stone, a famous Japanese stone only found within Mount Komatsu, located in Manazuru, Japan, was first excavated by Minamoto no Yoritomo,  in the 1200's. Minamoto-san, who is the founder of the Kamakura Era, used the stone to build temples and castle in Kamakura.

In the 1600's, the Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, founder of the Edo Era, admired the stone's strength and properties and used the stone in building the Edo Castle and the city.

HonKomatsu stone can be still found in the Edo Castle, which is now Japan's Imperial Palace, located in Tokyo. The stone can still be seen in the Palace's bridges, walls and moat.


Our Products

ishiya no daidokoro's products are made of a type of Pyroxene Andesite stone that has been finely crafted into a premium kitchen tool for your home or restaurant. Our stone  is durable, long lasting, strong and even fire resistant.  They are easy to wash and dry, and difficult to get mold.

One piece of excavated stone is 40 meters thick. The stones color is one of kind . The color of rock changes depending on the layer it's excavated. Amazingly, the hue deepens and changes further during the crafting process. With the highest premium stone appearing blue green hue in color.


Made in
Manazuru, Japan

Only 97 Kilometers from Tokyo

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