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Honkomatsu Stone Candle Holder / Water Basin - 2
  • Honkomatsu Stone Candle Holder / Water Basin - 2

    Created by Ishikatsu Kazuaki


    Add a piece of Japanese Zen to your home or business. Our Candle Holder / water basin, which is made from our premium handcrafted Honkomatsu stone, 

    features a natural shape, with the color of the stone and the shape being preserved, giving it a beautiful multi color hue.

    Use our Water Basin to display your selection of flowers or plants, such as Ikebana flower display.

    In Japan, HonKomatsu stone has been chosen by Imperial Family for many years, our stone has a prestigious quality, with the stone hue and color slightly changing over time, making it a one of kind product.

    L13CM x W18.5CM x H8CM 

    2700 Gram

      Sales Tax Included
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